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Gnostic Archon

August 6, 2009


In the Gnostic scriptures,there is a creature which they call “Archon/s”;and these Archons as depicted on the Gnostic Scriptures have Bestial faces and body as well which originated from Gnostic Pistis Sophia’s aborted fetus or not formed creature which is the vast watery substance or swirling chaotic matters in IEW..As the Gnostic story goes,Pistis Sophia […]

My Hypothesis between Sabaoth Adamas and Sabaoth-creator god of Israel.Is Sabaoth Adamas The creator-god of Israel?

April 9, 2009


This articles depicts the relationship of Pistis Sophia's Sabaoth Adamas to Yahweh of the Bible and the Reptilian alien if they are one.