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September 14, 2010


What is consciousness? For me consciousness is wisdom and knowledge….any creature will not exist either corporeal or incorporeal Beings if one does not knew that one is existing,thus if one knew that one exist,therefore one have knowledge… the level of consciousness is like how much you know….Being aware of who you are and what you […]

The Secret Place Of Jesus’s Father

February 10, 2009


Jesus once said “My Father is in the Secret Place(in other versions:”secret room”.Yes,some speculated it to be the Heaven where God is,but do you ever wonder why Jesus says that it is Secret for we all knew that God is in Heaven and that is not Secret?For Jesus could say “My Father who is in […]

The Secret World

January 31, 2009


What is “The Secret World”? Is there a secret world? Most commonly perceived that a secret world is the world or place either we do not yet discovered or the place we hide from the public eye or from the person around us.Certainly both are correct.In here on my site we will discover and learn […]