Posted on 2010/09/14


What is consciousness?

For me consciousness is wisdom and knowledge….any creature will not exist either corporeal or incorporeal Beings if one does not knew that one is existing,thus if one knew that one exist,therefore one have knowledge…

the level of consciousness is like how much you know….Being aware of who you are and what you are and what you can do and where you are….

They say consciousness creates reality,because once you gain knowledge on something,that something become real and true….

Reality is existence,and existence is reality…and the knowledge that you exist is consciousness…

Akala ng iba consciousness is just a 3d brainy mechanism,where if one’s 3d body dies..ala na siyang consciousness but it is not…the body is just a vehicle….

as well as knowledge and wisdom is not in human brain,it is the consciousness itself…take for example….those who do astral come they are aware that they do astral travel wherein they are separated from their human brain?

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