Gnostic Archon

Posted on 2009/08/06


In the Gnostic scriptures,there is a creature which they call “Archon/s”;and these Archons as depicted on the Gnostic Scriptures have Bestial faces and body as well which originated from Gnostic Pistis Sophia’s aborted fetus or not formed creature which is the vast watery substance or swirling chaotic matters in IEW..As the Gnostic story goes,Pistis Sophia wish to rule a being over it,which brings forth the creature they call “yaldabaoth” – a chief archon..

Gnostic Archon

Gnostic Archon

But in other Gnostic scripture this Chief Archon is already included in the watery substances that has been aborted from Pistis Sophia….

Therefore,from Gnostic standpoint an Archon is a Ruler that rules and is within Matter or material substances…thus,the Bestial Aliens are attributed to the Gnostic Archons…

The Bestial Aliens associated with the Gnostic archons are the Annunaki and Reptilian alien races…These Archons rules IEW

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